Tuesday, December 26, 2017

OVER SEAS?!?!!? :) :) :)

BEST Christmas present to date!!! My story is being shared across the WORLD!!! Here are just a couple places I have found my story has shared to out of MANY!!! :)

All I have wanted to do, since day one, is help even just one person....I've said it before and I'll say it, again, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017


After my story was published in our local newspaper, it has been shared and published in other newspapers here in North Dakota and it just posted to the Billings (Montana) Gazette the other day, too. 

From there, I had an editor out of New York contact me to share my story with her, too.  Here is what she came up!! :)


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


13 years ago this HORRIFIC cancer (HDGC) took my moms life.
13 years ago I became an orphan (having already lost my dad when I was 12 years old).
13 years ago...my life changed forever.

I miss my mom and think of her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I am so thankful for her as I wouldn't have had this option to be preventative without her going through what she did. It sure doesn't seem like it has been 13 years, but my heart still aches none the less.
 One of our last pictures together (she was SO sick)
 Summer before she past
 My mom and I when I was younger- she loved taking us sledding
 and she HATED taking pictures, but I'm glad I would force her
So beautiful- inside AND out (high school photo)
my FAVORITE picture of my mom and I (I can feel the love in this photo)


Grabbing food on lunch and they ask, "Would you like a medium or large?" I ask, "Can I get a small?" "Most people do a medium or a large, but yes you can." Well good...cuz I'm not "most people." lol



I didn't realize B12 was becoming such a cool thing to do. I just gave myself my injection that I HAVE to have as you cannot absorb B12 without a stomach and Sean let me know he heard an ad on the radio yesterday offering, "FREE B12 INJECTIONS" at a local place here in town. Glad to know I was in the cool kids CLUB before it was cool.   Errrrrbodys doin it.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


You say SEAHORSE, I say SOLD!!!
I'm such a sucker for these cute stomachless animals!!! Naturally, I HAD to get this for Paige!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I was able to share my story with Elizabeth Millard with Health Central.  I think the story turned out nicely!! :)  Feel free to check it out here.....


Monday, December 4, 2017


Along with this crazy mutation comes the increased risk of lobular breast cancer. There are a LOT of breast cancer patients on my mom's side of the family...lobular included.

Because of the increased risk, every 6 months I rotate between doing a mammogram and MRI.

 FRIDAY was mammogram day. It went well and I had no concerns. If anything shows up, I will get a call...if not, a letter. Although mammograms aren't the most fun thing to do in the world, I'm thankful for these means of being preventative until or if I decide a double mastectomy is something I want to do. Here's to hoping I get a letter and not a call!!!