Thursday, July 28, 2016


My NEW stomach arrived today and I must say he is the cutest thing! So soft and so plush. I hope he does a good job...he's got big shoes to fill. ;)


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I'm all about it and somehow, I keep getting "randomly" selected for research studies down at Mayo Clinic which is great! They asked at my first endoscopy appointment if I would be a part of their Biobank. This would mean that anytime I am there and they do an endoscopy, blood draw, etc. and they take samples from me for work they are doing, the doctors use it for what they need and then the left overs get sent to the Biobank for research. SO, after they remove my stomach, they will section and do the testing needed and then it gets transferred to the Biobank. I hope they are able to get a ton of info off of this stomach of mine!
About two weeks ago, I got a letter asking to be a part of another research study. This study will be done during surgery to help determine if it is better to use the ventilator during surgery with low airway pressure or high airway pressure. The low pressure one is almost always used and can cause parts of your lung to collapse. The higher pressure, which isn't used as often, may prevent lungs from collapsing, but may cause low blood pressure which would make it necessary to give more fluids and/or meds to keep blood pressure ranges where they need to be. I had the doctor call me in regards to this as I had quite a few questions. They were all answered with ease and I will help out with this study, also. I will not know before, during, or after surgery which one I was given (the lower or higher pressure), but I'm glad I can help!
"Research is creating new knowledge." Neil Armstrong


Ooooo how I love me some Blueberry Cactus Bread from Pizza Ranch. That and the cheese bread are the reason I go there...not even for the pizza.  They don't serve Blueberry Cactus Bread every day for dessert, but Wednesdays they do so OF COURSE I had to get some BEFORE surgery!!!


Dang right I'm going to ask before I go get a pedicure with my BFF this weekend! I'm not wasting my money to have them MAKE me take it off. I'm glad Dr. Kendrick's office tolerates my random thoughts & questions AND no matter what I ask, ALWAYS replies back so nicely!

"Mrs. Huus,
Thank you for the message. Yes you may get a pedicure prior to surgery for it is ok to have polish on the toes. If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us via the portal or phone. Thank you."

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


With only 3 weekends left before we leave for Rochester, I've created this list of "must haves" before surgery (I should really write them down and make a check list instead of keeping them in my head) since I don't know when I'll get to have them again or if my non-stomach will tolerate them. 

 First up...Bruno's Pizza! We got to enjoy this on Sunday...only downfall was that I was TOO full to order their melted cookie with ice cream dessert. I WILL go back one more time even if it's just for that amazing dessert.



This was a huge part of the message at church on Sunday and I couldn't agree many instances this falls true, but definitely looking to God to help me out on this crazy journey which he has surely helped me with already!!

Friday, July 22, 2016


Wanted to get a few more t-shirts before surgery so I have some comfy clothes to recover in. I decided I needed a few more NSFC shirts!! I LOVE the No Stomach for Cancer community, what they do, what they stand for, and all the support each person I've talked to from there has given!! They are a GREAT organization and I'm happy to support them!

Friday, July 15, 2016


SO.....we know this CDH-1 mutation is genetic & cannot skip a generation. You usually find that family members have had diffuse gastric cancer or lobular breast cancer.

 We KNOW this mutation came from my mom as she passed away from the diffuse gastric cancer. We ASSUMED it came from her father who passed away from "adenocarcinoma" which means stomach cancer. The term "hereditary diffuse gastric cancer" wasn't even listed into the cancer books until 1998 and my grandpa passed away in 1986. There's a VERY good chance he, too, had the hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, but we will never know for sure.

 BUT....thanks to my Aunt Vera  for doing some research, we found out that my grandma had lobular breast cancer!! SO...not that it matters in the end, but really this CDH-1 mutation could have come from either my grandma OR my grandpa. AND...although, it would be pretty rare, there could be a chance that they BOTH had the mutation?? SO, if you have a 50% chance of getting mutated gene if one parent has the mutation, that would most likely, I'd think, give you a 100% chance of having the mutation if BOTH parents carried the CDH-1 mutated gene. This would mean my mom's brothers & sister would have a 100% chance of the mutation. We will never know for sure if both my grandma AND grandpa had the mutation, but we know there's a VERY good chance it could have come from EITHER of them.

 It would be VERY interesting to find out more about the cancer history in our family. For example, if there were more cases of stomach cancer and or breast cancer on my grandpa's side AND what kind of breast cancers family members on my grandma's side have had and if there were any other cases of stomach cancer. 

 ANYWAY, although it really doesn't matter in the long run and "it is what it is," this completely threw a curve ball into the matter and is VERY interesting to me!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


First pre-op appointment has been set for this Friday. At this visit, they will simply do a bone density scan. This will be key so they know what is "normal" for me so they can check progress after surgery.  I’m not 100% sure and will have to double check, but thinking my doctor down in Mayo said a bone density scan would need to be done yearly to monitor where I am at.

Second pre-op appointment has been set for August 5th.  At this appointment, we will gather baseline data.  The plan is to check my chemistry panel, get a complete blood count, check iron levels, vitamin B-12 levels, and vitamin D levels.  Again, this will all be beneficial for AFTER surgery to know where my “normal” falls and if I need extra supplements to help get these areas back to normal level.

Last appointment scheduled is for AFTER surgery.  This is to be about 4-5 weeks after surgery and will be for a lesson in administering my own B-12 shots.  My doctor’s office has been wonderful and, of course, said they could give me my monthly B-12 shots if I would like, but I think it would just be easier for me to attempt to give them myself.  It doesn’t seem hard, but I want to be sure I’m doing it correctly. 

Other than that, I think I’m good on appointments for a while!!